Episode 1: The North Star
Episode 2: The Pirates
Episode 3: The Korelean General
Episode 4: The Ambush
Episode 5: The Supply Run
Episode 6: The Getaway
Episode 7: The Orphaning
Episode 8: The Scout
Episode 9: The Interrogation
Episode 10: The Chase
Episode 11: The Korelean Raiders
Episode 12: The Resurrection Begun
Episode 13: The Return of the Koreleans
Episode 14: Crippled

When the neighboring Koreleans began attacking inside the Coalition with designs on taking over the galaxy, Captain Janaii Resnick leads the valiant crew of the North Star, her first command, in responding. Fighting to repel the enemy and protect the Coalition’s citizens, Resnick also faces the challenge of winning over a crew skeptical of their newly promoted Captain. Full of fast-paced action and compelling, multi-cultural characters, “The North Star Serial” is space opera fun for readers of all ages.

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