Shiny New Business: Take Advantage of What Makes Your Business Unique

Published on October 6, 2017

Man On His Laptop With Business Graph On ScreenEach business banks on several things to make them successful: sufficient starting capital, a good location, the buzz surrounding their product, and marketing. You could have the best product — one that no one has seen before — but if people don't know about its existence, you won't make it.

How do you make sure your business is out there, then? Here are some tips:

Focus on What Makes the Brand Unique

Nike and Adidas both offer running shoes for athletes. However, each of them caters to a specific crowd, depending on their style. You may not be the first one to offer a certain product in your town. But with an SEO agency, such as Chicago SEO Firm, focusing on what makes you unique, you’ll get that buzz going. The first wave of attention is important, so make it count.

Be on the News

A press release about your products or services can go a long way in building your brand. A new glass boat offering dinner cruises along the Chicago River sounds appealing as a news headline, right? It's interesting to know more about the details of the cruise and how much it will cost. Surround your brand with the same hype and do not reveal everything in the headline. Make it short and succinct so that people will read more.

Collect Good Reviews

People trust reviews. When they see a restaurant tagged as the next Shake Shack, for example, they get curious. They want to see for themselves if the review is authentic. More 5-star ratings will directly correspond to more customers, but only if you provide satisfactory services. Remember, it's still about what you're able to provide. Your reviews can only take you so far, especially if negative comments start taking over.

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When you open your business, you want to give it the attention it deserves. Make sure it gets the right kind of attention, too.