Industry Market Report: Digital Printing

Published on April 4, 2018

Digital printsDigital printing is the hot topic in the printing industry, and the franchise world is not about to miss on this opportunity. Leading companies in the field have already offered franchise printing services so the products can reach a bigger audience.

Many people believe that it’s an unavoidable development – after all, sooner or later anything that can be digital will become digital. Still, those who want to invest may wonder if this new process is unstoppable enough to beat conventional methods.

Simple and Effective

When it comes to digital printing, files are saved on an electronic system where they can be easily changed, revised, and updated. This improves productivity, helping companies meet tight deadlines. The printing process also becomes simpler.

The minimal press setup doesn’t even require ink keys, traditional plates, or plate mounting. Since you can achieve final results quicker, you can provide a fast and effective service to your clients, with the option for online printing.

Rates and Figures

According to the latest forecast, the market for digital printing is expected to reach $187.7 billion this 2018. Following its annual compound growth rate of 7.4%, the new technology will be taking over a quarter of the total print market by 2020.

Digital print volume will also grow by 68% before 2020, according to recent estimates. The average selling prices are due to increase to $119.5 this year since the $92.5 per 1,000 in 2018. Meanwhile, offset printing will experience a decline of 10%, from $11.5 to $10.

Digital printing machineIt’s too soon to say that traditional methods are dying. Offset printing still offers more benefits for large formats, units, and printings that require specialized techniques and colors. Nevertheless, even offset companies can’t ignore the cutting-edge innovations brought by this incoming major player. It’s only a matter of time before digital printing completely dominates the scene.