Good Decision-Making Reduces Risk for Property Buyers

Published on April 18, 2017

House Model with Keys on Contract PaperAside from having a broad knowledge of New Zealand’s real estate market, you can mitigate risk for property investments if you are armed with valuable data to help you reach a well-thought decision.

Whether you are looking to invest in properties for rent or sale, Prestige Real Estate International LTD says that doing research can help increase your chances of securing better yields. For instance, analysing industry information for residential properties in different cities like Auckland and Wellington prevents you from making gut-feel strategies.

Data Driven

Historical data in your preferred city may be the best option for you to assess the driving factors and trends that shape up the local market. These significant pieces of information include property valuation reports and the ratio of cost and property values in your chosen area.

Data such as land area, capital value and appraised value are important in influencing your decision. You can find them and other information on a Land Information Memorandum, which you should have prior to signing a deal.

Target Location

If location serves as the top factor behind your plan to invest in real estate, technology has allowed us to screen assets even without visiting them in person. Land Information New Zealand, GeoMaps from your local council and Google Earth are only some of the resources you can use to have a complete picture of the property.

Take note, however, that home prices vary in different parts of New Zealand. In Auckland, prices have increased 6.7% in February, while the national median house price index surged 10% year over year, according to the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand.

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Real estate investments are a lucrative venture, but remember that the risks at stake are as high as the promising yields. If taking the time to study market trends and industry data seems unappealing for you, real estate agencies can help you in find the best options that align with your preferences.