4 Ways to Optimize Images for Your Website

Published on February 3, 2017

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Images inject life into content, it makes them more appealing and browse-friendly. As the cliché goes, a picture paints a thousand words. Photos convey what you want to say without taking up much space and time to write an article. Uploading an image isn’t enough; you need to optimize it to improve your page rank and make your site easily searchable.

Experts on website design, like those based in Salt Lake City, list some ways that allow you to optimize your photos:

The Name Matters

Optimizing images begin with using the right file name; this is one of the ideal places to use the keyword. You want search engines to know what the photo is about, so you have to be as specific as possible. Include the name of the place and its location when saving the file.

Image Scale

Load times are important to optimization because a visitor may click the back button if images load too long or not at all. The faster load times, the easier it is to browse and index pages. The photos you upload have a positive or negative effect on loading time, especially if you use a large image and display it small. For example, the page will load slower when you upload a 3000×2000 pixels photo and show it at 300×200 pixels size. Scale the picture depending on how you want to display it to improve load time.


People read text when they scan articles. After the heading, visitors tend to scan for images and include reading the caption in the process. This adds extra information about the photo and provides you with another opportunity to insert keywords for optimization.

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The Alt Text

Designers and developers include the alt text to any photo as a description when the picture fails to display properly for users. A reader may have also disabled images when they browse and in such cases, the alt text makes sure that they still get to read the information. This is also another chance to include the keywords within the content.

These are only some of the ways to optimize the photos you upload to your website. Implement these to bump up your search rank, and make your content easy to scan and readable.

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