4 Top Tactics to Generate More Business at Your Law Firm

Published on November 3, 2017

Lawyers officeMost attorneys don’t get customers because of lack of business development. Many times, they spend resources on the wrong activities. By using these smart tactics, however, you can make sure that your law firm improves its bottom line. Find a reliable lawyer SEO company to help you do so, too.


Like every business, modern law firms need to adopt SEO to attract new clients. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps you connect with the lucrative online market. A great website is not enough; you need to make sure that your page shows up on the first page of leading search engines. Put simply, if clients can’t find you easily online, then your website will never make you the money you want.

Keep your current clients

Retaining an existing client is twice as hard as attracting a new one. Rather than investing in attracting new clients, it makes more sense trying to hold on to the clients you already have. Keep them satisfied, and they’ll be sure to recommend you to other people.

Cultivate referrals

Many attorneys get clients from referrals, but getting a referral system is never an easy thing. The first place to start is by talking to your existing clients. Tell your existing customers that you’d be happy to receive new work. Let them know what kind of work you’d like, too. If you deal with real estate cases and they are sending you child custody cases, it means you haven’t explained yourself well enough.

Join a trade organization

You already are in a bar organization, but fellow lawyers will give you little business. Joining a trade organization in which your clients are a part of, on the other hand, can boost your chances of landing more clients. Chances are your clients will introduce you to friends who would require your services.

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Every law firm, like all businesses, needs clients to succeed. By adopting a few creative measures, you can start to attract more clients and improve your profitability.