3 Benefits You Can Enjoy From Having a Strong Corporate Identity

Published on July 28, 2017

Business MeetingIn a nutshell, corporate identity makes up your brand’s or your company’s physical look. Under the corporate identity umbrella, these could include not just your logos but all element that involves design—business cards, letterheads, websites, posters, social media accounts, and more.

What’s important to note is that your corporate identity speaks to your clients, customers, competitors, and suppliers. Ensuring that your corporate identity is not only strong but also consistent packs a lot of benefits and speaks a lot about your business. Here are some of the advantages you can enjoy from having a steady and strong one.

First of All, It Tells People That You're a Serious Business Player

Notice how shabby logos, posters, brochures, and even websites turn people off? You often hear people comment how a company’s website looks like it’s been made by a fifth grader. Do you want your customers to have that impression about your brand/website? Do you want to be the laughing stock of your competitors? Of course not. Creating a strong corporate identity means you’re setting out a clear message to everyone: you are serious about succeeding, and you’re here to stay.

Second, Your Corporate Identity Tells Your Potential Employees About Your Business Culture

Do you know what luxury brands sell? You’d be surprised that it’s not the high-quality products. They are actually in the business of selling a lifestyle. To put it simply, you do not want a Hermès bag. You want to be part of the crowd that carries one. Hermès is one of those brands that have successfully created a very strong corporate identity that people instantly know what the brand’s personality is or what their business culture is. Some other great examples would be Apple and Google.

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Third, a Strong Corporate Identity Makes People Remember You

Working with a reliable, creative agency in Melbourne can help you create a corporate identity that is not just instantly recognisable, but one that also has the power to make people remember you, your core values, your products, and your messaging that moment they hear or see it. Your corporate identity has to be consistent all throughout and having a professional team of copywriters, graphic designers, web designers, and marketers can help you do just that.

Build a Strong Corporate Identity Today

Make it right from the start. Consider these benefits and create a strong corporate identity that can stand the test of time. The first step? Find a good creative agency in Melbourne.