Top Organic SEO Techniques for High-Ranking Websites

Published on March 9, 2018

Digital marketing professional working on SEOThere exist various methods of promoting Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Among all these methods, however, organic SEO stands out. Organic SEO refers to all unpaid natural processes used by websites to increase their popularity and visibility. They result in top rankings on search engine result pages.

There are many techniques used in organic SEO, but only a few of these could be effective for your business. It is therefore essential to get a company specializing in SEO services in Ottawa, like, to advice you on the best techniques for your business’ needs.


This is currently one of the most influential techniques in organic search ranking. A blog provides the perfect platform to narrow down on topics within a vast subject area. Every post is an engine that offers you the chance to increase your online traffic. These blog posts will not only attract sizeable online traffic but also help you build a strong online community through subscriptions.

Strong social presence

Social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest are effective platforms for anyone aiming to optimize their organic SEO rank. By sharing your blog posts, products and services across your social sites, you increase your social traffic and SEO ranking.

Visual content

High-quality content is an essential component of top-ranking web pages. While most websites concentrate on written content, visual content should also form a significant part of your strategy. Images and videos attract web traffic and boost your on-page SEO. They also get your site listed in the ‘images’ category, increasing your visibility further.

Keywords and relevant content are very powerful techniques in organic SEO. Your content should be connected to the keyphrase or keyword structures for your page to gain instant recognition.