Important Elements of a Dental Practice Website

Published on July 15, 2017

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Building and maintaining a website is not limited to small and large businesses. Dentists need an attractive and functional website, as well. This component of your practice should be present as soon as you start offering your services to patients.

A website is an important part of dental marketing. But what should be present on your website? Dominate Dental lists the important elements your site should have.

An About Page

As there are likely to be more than a few dentists in any certain area, patients trying to choose which one to go to have their work cut out for them. A dental website’s About page is where people start when comparing dentists. This is a personal decision for many, and reading your About page makes patients feel one step closer to finding the right dental practice.

Individual Pages for Each Service

You may have a list of your services on a dropdown menu, but that should point to specific services. By giving a service its own page, you have an easier time going into specifics regarding that service. Putting all specifics on all services on one page can make it look boring and too long. Make the user experience easy and manageable even for older patients.

A Map to Your Location

The map to your practice should be on your Location page. Make it an actual Google Map instead of a screenshot. Put your address on that page, as well as the hours of operation, to avoid confusing your patients.

An Appointment Page

Set up an Appointment page to make it easier for patients to visit you. Do not complicate this; the less time it takes to fill out the form and click submit, the better. Give an option for patients to cancel their appointments. After submitting the form, the patient should be redirected to a Thank You page with information on what they can expect.

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A Payments Page

This is where people may read about what modes of payment you accept, which insurance providers you work with and which services are covered (or not) by insurance, as well as other important details.

A Blog Page

Not all dentists have a blog page, but this is an important part of your website as well, as it can feature articles for your readers’ information. The page must include articles talking about a variety of topics, such as the benefits of a particular treatment, a guide on dental care, etc. It establishes your authority on the subjects you tackle, possibly helping your search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts.

Marketing is indeed important to your dental practice. A website should be a huge part of your marketing efforts. Other than showcasing your services, a site helps build your image and improve your online presence. Make sure the items on this list are present on your website to maximise its benefits.