How the UK Losses £604 Million Annually due to Waste Crimes

Published on May 17, 2017

Loaded dumpsterProper recycling and waste management practices are an important obligation that individuals, society and the government must fulfill. It is one of the best ways to reduce humanity’s impact on the environment, after all.

Improper waste management in the UK affects a lot of sectors, and it can become more challenging now that it has left the European Union (EU). What are the consequences the nation faces if it is unable to enforce proper waste management practices?

Millions Lost to Waste Crime Costs

Illegal waste operators are taking a toll on taxpayers and legitimate waste management businesses like LKM. In fact, two environmental associations stated that waste crimes incur annual losses of £604 million because it harms the waste management industry and deprives the government of tax revenue.

Some of the worst waste crimes include illegal waste sites, illegal burning of waste, illegal exports, fly tipping and serious breaches of permit.

The Fallout Affects Everyone

The issue extends beyond revenue, however. Illegal waste management affects the quality of the soil, the air and the nearby groundwater. Moreover, rubbish in the streets is not simply a ghastly sight; it takes a toll on public health, as well. Waste also attracts vermin and insects, so it could lead to infections and diseases.

Weak Regulation Is a Serious Issue

The waste sector, which adds a £6.6 billion value to the country’s economy, has changed in the past 20 years due to poor regulation enforcement. The government rarely inspects waste carriers or sites that operate under exemptions, in fact. This makes it a challenge to track commercial waste from its origin to its destination.

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Illegal waste disposal has a significant adverse effect on the environment, society, businesses and government. Advocates are keen on the modernization of the UK’s out-of-date waste management system to minimize the damage. This includes creating stricter regulations, increasing enforcement efforts and banning grave and repeat offenders.