Doing These Can Help Your Company Reduce Energy Consumption

Published on March 11, 2017

Reduce Energy Consumption at WorkGlobal warming has brought climate change upon us sooner than we can ever imagine. It is time to help save the environment. If you are doing everything to reduce energy consumption at home, why not do it at work as well?

It would make sense considering you spend most of your day at work. Have you noticed how many covered cycle shelters are sprouting in the UK? More people are cycling to work or school, and even run errands, just to save on energy and transportation costs.

Here is how you can take little steps to reduce your energy consumption at work.

Switch Off Unused Machines and Equipment

Switch off all electrical equipment when not in use. If this is your first time doing it at work, start with your own workstation. Turn off your computer monitor when you head out for lunch or when you leave the office. Use energy saving mode for your computer, so it can “sleep” or “hibernate” after a particular period of inactivity.

By the time you get used to this routine, convince your boss to implement energy-saving strategies for the rest of the company. Turn off office machines, such as copiers and printers, when not in use. Your company will thank you later for helping save on energy costs.

Use a Bike

Ride a bike to work and you will see the benefits, not only for the environment but for yourself as well. You will notice how healthier you are, not to mention you will have extra cash, which you saved from not buying fuel or taking the bus.

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You can likewise convince your boss to install a bike shelter outside the building. Once you have one at work, you can motivate your colleagues to use a bike as well.