Does Your E-commerce Website Have a Clear Value Proposition?

Published on March 2, 2018

E-commerce website on laptopSurveys indicate that you only have a couple of seconds once a user lands on your e-commerce website, regardless of which page they land on, to convey your brand’s value proposition. This means that if a user is browsing your site and your value proposition isn’t there or is there but isn’t coming across, then you’ll probably lose a potential customer. But what is this value proposition and how important is it to your bottom line really?

What Exactly is Value Proposition?

A value proposition is your argument that should state why shoppers must choose to purchase from you and not from your competition. A strong and clear value proposition is especially crucial for e-commerce websites simply because there are many websites out there vying for the same target market.

Unfortunately, aside from lacking strong value propositions, many e-commerce websites don’t clearly communicate what they have to offer. Web design experts from Minnesota say that it’s vital to note that value proposition isn’t just about selling because it conveys what your site could offer regarding your products and services, content, and opportunities to better engage your target online market.

What should your value proposition include?

  • A clear and straightforward headline, perhaps with a subheading that conveys clearly why consumers should purchase from you. Do note that this isn’t a slogan, but a promise of the value that customers would receive.
  • A copy that explains why buying from is the best option. What differentiates you from the competition? Why you and not them?
  • Extra benefits, such as free shipping, a great return policy, guarantees, etc., as well as social proof.
  • While a concise and clear copy is vital for every e-commerce site, keep in mind that photos are just as important. Make sure that your value proposition is accompanied by appropriate images to better convey your value proposition.
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The Bottom Line for Your Bottom Line

When consumers fully understand what you’re offering and why you’re the best choice, you will see increased conversions and repeat customers. What you need to remember with value proposition is that consumers typically don’t know why they need what you’re offering in their lives until you say “why,” so don’t hesitate to be as crystal clear and direct as possible, without going overboard.

Put simply, differentiating your business from the competition is the key. To do that, your value proposition must be on point.