DIY: How To Create A Compelling Corporate Video

Published on February 8, 2018

Production team creating corporate videoThose in the corporate world would have seen, at one time or another, videos produced by the company for various purposes: training new hires or as part of employees’ continuous education, giving a background about the company, its culture, and vision and mission, and presenting new projects to stakeholders, among others.

But much like any other communication tool, it should be well-crafted to get its message across effectively. To achieve this, you can get the services of experts from a company that does corporate video production in Utah.

Keep in mind that there’s a big difference between corporate video and traditional video advertising in that the first targets a very specific audience while the second is made for the general public.

However, both share some important aspects of what makes them effective in engaging their respective audience. First and foremost is the emphasis on giving value to the target audience. Additionally, both need to tell a great story that will have a deep and lasting impact on the viewers.

Just in case you are tasked to produce a corporate video for your company (because it might not have the budget to hire professionals), don’t panic even if it’s your first time. Here are a few tips to help you make your production a hit.

1. Set deadlines and budget

This means breaking up the different steps into the video creation such as script writing and actual shooting and then setting dates for the completion of each one. The budget will guide you on what you can do, in case you get the urge to go big on the production.

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2. Make sure you know who will watch your video

Is the video for new joiners or is it meant to be posted on social media? Remember that your audience will be engaged if they know that what they’re watching was specifically made for them.

3. Make your message simple

You’re not making an Oscar-worthy film, but something that will help your company drive home its message.

4. Surround yourself with a capable team

See to it the people you get to help you with creating your video are up to the tasks. Writing the script, shooting the footage, or editing the finished product all call for special skills.

5. Let your creativity run wild

It doesn’t mean you need to come up with something surreal or “deep,” but your video should be quite entertaining and engaging that your audience will love it and get your message at the same time.

6. Be cool and confident

Don’t let things you can’t control like the weather and other circumstances stress you out. Just roll with each one of them, and you will find the confidence to see things through.

7. Make it a happy experience for everyone, including you

Don’t yell or get angry when things don’t go as plan. Instead, transform them into a bonding moment with the team where everyone can laugh at the mishaps and learn from them.

Above all, don’t lose sight of the fact that creating the corporate video is not a task but an opportunity for you to shine.