Core Elements of an SEO Friendly Website Design

Published on October 11, 2017

Illustration showing the concept of SEO to the website building processYou will not rank high on search engines just because your website looks spectacular; in fact, Google does not care if it is visually-engaging or not. While an appealing site might increase your online traffic, a SEO-friendly web design is what will get you to rank high on search engines.

Here are some essentials of an SEO friendly web design.

The Correct Content Management Systems (CMS)

SEO friendly CMS software, like WordPress and Exponent, should allow you automatic generation of your sitemaps and offer the capability to add videos, links and images on particular areas of your web pages. Pick the software that generates SEO-friendly pages with the least coding structures.

Slow and heavily coded CMS software can significantly hamper your SEO ranking.

Website Accessibility and Easy Navigation

It is crucial that both human traffic and search engines can easily navigate your site and understand exactly what you are offering. Indexing your texts, images, PDFs and videos sensibly is important for your SEO ranking.

In a well-structured web design, your navigation works with other page components to reinforce what each page and content are all about.

Functional Domain

Avoid the temptation of a long domain name including all possible keywords. Keeping it short make the domain name accurate, practical, easy to recall, and will save your printing costs. Use a unique name to stand out from your competitors and rank higher in search engines.

All subdomains and variations should point to the primary site.

Developing a well-optimized site should consider the web pages’ HTML coding structures. Most web developers offering SEO services here in MN use cascading style sheets (CSS) in SEO friendly website development.

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CSS eliminates the need for using simple HTML tags for fonts, colors and other styling features hence keeping the HTML code of every web page to a minimum. This way, search engine spiders can navigate and index pages more efficiently. As a word of advice, always go for a reputable SEO company to get the best service.