Why Your Dental Practice Needs Digital Advertising

Published on July 13, 2017

Advertising information on a laptopDentists typically relied on the goodwill of satisfied patients, and perhaps a posting on the telephone book, back in the day. If the dentist had the resources, they could have a commercial aired on local TV. Others would use billboards, posters, fliers and newspaper or magazine ads.

Advertising was not exactly cheap, and the effectiveness of traditional methods was not easy to gauge. One thing was for sure, however: many dentists who relied on such marketing techniques typically complained about not getting the returns they expected from their investment.

All that changed when the number of people who had access to the web grew. Eventually, social media began connecting people. And dentists started using social media to reach more customers. Today, using social media alone is hardly enough. What you need is a tested and true digital advertising programme.

Here are three reasons you need to invest in the services of a reputable dental advertising agency like dominatedental.com.

To stand out from the competition

Dentistry is a business, and you have to stand out from the competition if you are to succeed in this business. You need branding – recognisable and unique at the same time. There are different branding opportunities that a good agency can immediately identify, such as the design of your logo (yes, your dental practice should have a logo), promotional giveaways or mini contests, a blog that helps establish your authority in the industry and so on.

To provide quick customer support

You can’t rely on the post or telephone calls to connect with your patients. You need digital customer support. You can use the social media platform, email, text messages, a chat app and the like to connect with their clients faster. Your patients will also appreciate a digital way to make an appointment, and that is possible through your website.

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To advertise

Of course, you have to take advantage of the benefits of being online by using it as an advertising platform. Your website and social media pages are only the beginning. You need search engine optimisation (SEO), paid search or pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and others.

Success in the field of dentistry is now more possible than ever. Digital marketing techniques are your best friend. Work with a reputable agency to maximise your ad spend investment.