Why Proper Bike Parking is Important in Leisure and Commercial Areas

Published on May 10, 2017

Biking couple deciding where to parkBiking can keep you healthy. It can also help save the environment because bikes do not emit carbon into the air, which contributes to global warming and climate change. You can easily try biking to keep fit and minimise carbon emissions. Fortunately, bikes are not that hard to park, unlike cars.

However, bikes randomly parked outside buildings or leisure areas make them appear disorganised and messy. People seeing sights like this can be discouraged to try biking as a serious means of transportation.

One way of helping solve this problem is by installing cycle shelters, bike racks, and other bike parking facilities. Here is what cycle shelters in the UK can do to help promote biking and cycling in commercial and leisure areas in and out of the city.


Studies revealed that 77% of commuters are worried about the security of their bikes if they did try it out as their mode of transport. On the other hand, 55% of shoppers and those spending a day in parks and other leisure areas expressed concerns their bikes might get stolen or vandalised.

Statistics show a high number of people find it worrisome to leave their bikes out in the open. Cycle shelters provide security because they offer a way for bikers to have a place where they can park and lock their bikes.


According to the European Commission, bike parking can become a perfect décor for commercial and leisure areas around a city. Bespoke or custom-made bike shelters can take any shape and adorn public spaces.

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Clean and Organised

When bikes are in an orderly manner, pedestrians also become happy. They can appreciate how cycle shelters in the UK keep public areas clean. No bikes clutter in benches and sidewalks that for use freely by pedestrians.

You see, bike parking not only encourages people to bike more. It keeps areas in order and helps save the environment, too.