What Makes a Landing Page Successful?

Published on June 21, 2017

Landing page information on a laptopThe landing page is an important part of your online campaigns, as it can be what your target audience needs. This provides you with a way to connect with your market, answer a need, give information, and lead them further down the purchasing funnel.

Experts from Denver who specialize in website design list the following ways to improve the success rate of your landing pages.

The Headline

The headline can make or break the success and conversion rate of your landing page. This is where you pique the interest, grab the attention, and make a visitor understand what you’re all about. Headlines need to accomplish certain things to help you achieve your online marketing goals.

Here’s a handful of things that a headline needs to be:

  • Interesting enough for a person to click on.
  • It must have brief information about what you do and offer.
  • It must be concise, somewhere between ten to twenty words.

Stir a Desire

A person will not click on a link if it doesn’t pique their curiosity or stir their desire for something. How do you achieve this? One of the many ways to do so is improving the content of the landing page. Make this happen by implementing two of the following ideas:

  • Provide a potential customer with information to keep them interested to click. It must be enough so they know what they’re getting when they enter the page. They should at the very least have an idea of what’s to come.
  • Withhold enough details so that you are able to sustain their desire and curiosity to click, and keep clicking until they convert and/or make a purchase.
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These two are a delicate balancing act that requires an understanding of your audience, their needs, and wants.

These are only two of the ways you can improve your landing pages; it is important to elicit an emotion or at least stir it, to grab the attention of potential customers. You must then follow it up with information about your brand and what you can offer to improve your conversion rate.