Vacation Tips for First-Time Travellers to NZ

Published on May 19, 2017

New ZealandWhether you are backpacking solo or travelling as a couple or part of a group in style, there are some travel tips you can use if you are planning to visit New Zealand for the first time. Consider these tips to help you enjoy your first trip to this amazing country.

Set your budget based on your itinerary

While there is something romantic about going where the wind takes you, leaving your itinerary to chance will not allow you to maximise your trip. Creating a day-to-day plan enables you to pack in as many activities and places to visit in one day, especially if you only have a few days of travelling.

Creating an itinerary can also help you create a budget and manage your finances well while in a foreign country. You can check out New Zealand money change services – like the ones offered by No.1 Currency – to gauge how much local money you will need.

Consider the hop-off, hop-on service

It may sound like a tourist thing to do, but face it, you are a tourist and getting on the Kiwi Experience allows you to travel from one tourist spot to another without having to worry about changing transportation. Kiwi Experience drives around passengers from one place of interest to another.

You can choose to hop off if you wish to explore the area longer and wait for the next bus to hop on again towards the next destination. It is a great way to save money and time if you are travelling with a group.

No need to buy bottled water

One of the biggest rewards you can enjoy in New Zealand is that their tap water is potable. This means you do not need to spend money buying bottled water to stay hydrated through the day. You can bring your own tumbler and simply refill from a tap water source, and you are good to go.

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This is a great advantage because tap water in other countries is not potable, and you spend a lot of money on a necessity.

There are many cool places to see and activities to try in New Zealand so make sure you plan your trip well to maximise your budget and time spent abroad. Consider these tips if you are planning to make the trip this year.