Top Strategies for Using Offline Brand Awareness to Boost Your SEO Rank

Published on July 14, 2018

brand awareness concept, man holding word brand with light bulbBrand awareness and SEO rank are synergistic. This leads most business owners to erroneously think a clear brand identity offline automatically earns them a top search engine spot. Harnessing the power of your brand identity for SEO takes more expertise and time compared to using SEO to build brand awareness, however.

It is essential, therefore, to contract the services of an SEO firm based in Jupiter FL like Blue Gorilla Digital. They can use your brand awareness to boost your SEO rank. There are various strategies the firm will recommend depending on the level of your brand awareness and target market. Here are the most efficient ones.

Set Yourself Up as a Thought Leader

With a clear brand, you can reinforce your position as a leader in your field. Give your customers solutions to everyday issues to reinforce this perception. If they can see you as a thought leader in addition to having a leading brand, your website will be the go-to for their queries.

Build Positive Links

Natural link building is one of the highest ranking SEO elements. By using your brand, you can get other online users to link back to your site. You can build local links through online influencers, guest blogging, and social media platforms. Ensure the links you are creating are quality links that will generate sales in addition to improving your rank.

Write Evergreen Content

Most sites nowadays are leaning towards disposable content. You, however, gain a higher SEO rank with evergreen content. Your customers can refer to this content from time to time and recommend it to other people, unlike disposable content. This boosts your traffic and engagement. Ultimately, it will boost your ranking.

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You can never have enough brand exposure. As the above strategies boost your SEO rank, they also increase your brand’s online visibility. Investing in expert strategies for boosting SEO is hence also a cost-efficient way to enhance your brand’s awareness of the online market.