The Importance of Having a Dominant Element in a Website

Published on August 25, 2017

Men planning to have a dominant element in their websiteEmphasizing too many things may lead to confusion and a cluttered website. You lose the message you want to convey and weaken your branding. To avoid these problems, having a dominant element is important.

Denver-based web design specialists cites the following reasons’ dominance is vital to the success of a website:

Emphasis and Consistency

Headlines and logos as big as each other and content competing for space result in cluttered pages and a confused visitor. If you emphasize everything, you will lose emphasis and focus. Something needs to stand out, while others recede into the background. It is when you must choose a dominant element to draw the attention of visitors. It will send a clear message about your brand.

The concept of website element dominance enables you to emphasize a point, convince a visitor and brand your company. You need to distinguish your site from your competition. They may be selling similar products, services, and information.

A Part of Branding

A consistent element that stands out imprints a particular emotion, logo, and associations with your brand. All of these enable you to claim a position in a hotly contested niche. Coca-Cola and Apple stand out because they can associate their products with their logos, typography. They have even associated their brand with emotions such as happiness, innovation, and exclusiveness.

Establishing a Dominant Element

Adding visual weight to a particular website element increases its dominance and prominence on a page. You have options when it comes to achieving this goal, some of which include:

  • Size – The most obvious way of emphasizing an element is to make it bigger such as the case for headlines and logos.
  • Color – The color of a particular element may be distinct or subtle to draw the attention of a visitor.
  • Negative Space – Emphasize an item by placing it against an all-white background or reducing the amount of content or colors surrounding it.
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The concept of dominance allows you to focus particular points on your website. That’s what strengthens your niche positioning and branding. Apply this to improve conversion rates and drive traffic to your site’s other pages.