The Deadly Sins: What to Avoid When Advertising on Facebook

Published on September 9, 2016

Online AdvertisingYou know the story and you’ve probably read the article yourself. An entrepreneur will find herself amazed by all the success stories brought by Facebook Ads, so she embarks on the journey. She does her research, thinks of a persuasive headline, finds a compelling image and writes a powerful copy. Yet, when she unleashes her campaign, no one turns up.

Marketing companies like Disruptive Advertising who understand the ins and outs of the industry know that she might have considered the right strategies, but had no idea how to execute them. The truth is, anyone can use Facebook to their advantage. They just have to know what sins to avoid.

Deadly Sin #1: Your landing page and lead magnet are not optimized.

The attention span of users grows shorter and shorter as technology advances further. These days, the minimum time they can allot on your website is 15 seconds. Make every second count if you want to earn more clients. The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising explains that if you subscribe to pay-per-click and you don’t even know how to make your user stay, then you just wasted your money for nothing.

If you want to effectively make the most of your efforts, learn how to give them value. Direct them to a landing page that has a lead magnet. It’s a resource that displays your expertise, knowledge, and skills. It also finds a solution for the user.

Deadly Sin #2: You do not undergo A/B split testing.

It’s relatively easy to believe that you know what your users want, but you really don’t. Test your assumptions. Once you know what needs to be developed, you can make decisions about what you should concentrate on next. If you want to earn more users, test your headline, image and copy. Test everything.

When it comes to advertising on Facebook, your biggest hindrance as a businessman isn’t your competition — it’s you. Avoid the deadly sins to have a successful campaign.