Some Bizarre Night-Shift Guard Experiences That Will Freak You Out

Published on October 27, 2016

Night Security GuardsAlright, the title may be a dead giveaway but these strange goings-on that some night security guards have experienced will still give you chills, regardless of whether you’re superstitious or not. It’s a good thing these courageous souls have undergone rigid security license course training preparing them physically and psychologically for untoward events they may encounter in their tasks. Otherwise, organisations that hire them might find themselves without any security personnel to ensure their assets are safe.

Sound and Movement

According to Crave Online, night watchmen sometimes undergo creepy experiences that can make people wet their pants. Take for example the well-documented experience of a night duty security guard stationed in a location in Perth, Western Australia. In his log, he reported the intercom going off several times during the night but when he answered it, he heard only incessant scratching sounds as if someone was scratching the mouthpiece on the other line. As if that was not enough, he also reported seeing what looked like a huge dark smudge vibrating like a leaf slowly moving toward one of the security cameras.

Abysmal Darkness

When the Perth night watchman zoomed in on the smudge, he saw a deep blackness filled with flickering eyes and what looked like dozens of limbs moving towards the end of the hall where he is stationed. Although startled, he still managed to log the time and place of the strange happening but upon review of the video in the morning; the smudge was not there anymore. Because the area is not that big, the watchman is the only one guarding the premises at night.

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Stuff Horror Movies are Made Of

Another night security guard stationed at a renovation site of an abandoned asylum in New South Wales, Australia, reported hearing howling and moaning voices in wee hours of the morning even though there was no one there. What made it his experience more hair-raising is when he peered into one of the areas he’s supposed to watch, he saw a person with a contorted face as if feeling great pain looking straight back at him.

Bizarre occurrences of night security guards are not at all uncommon. Just recently, The Daily Mirror reported the spine-chilling experience of two night duty security guards. Not only do they vividly remember the scary moment, they also showed the CCTV footage of their strange encounter as proof.

It is a relief that night guards receive excellent security course training prior to getting a license and receiving assignments. Without such training, night watchmen might quickly abandon their post at the first instance of a creepy encounter, leaving the assets of private or government organisations at the mercy of burglars.