Navigation Trends 2017: 5 Trends to Make Your Website Stand Out

Published on February 15, 2017

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Navigation determines the way users browse a website, which means that a poorly developed navigation scheme could cause users to leave a website prior to getting the information they’re looking for. This 2017, look to these five navigation trends for a more effective navigation design:

1. More Simplified Navigation

Rather than fit all web pages in the navigation menu, it’s best to guide users through a site with fewer choices. More websites now have less drop-down menus, however, mega menus would still be popular for bigger-scale websites.

2. Sticky Navigation

Sticky or fixed navigation involve elements that remain in place even when a user is scrolling through a page. This is often on one-page sites with longer pages to offer easier access to the navigation without having to scroll back to the web page’s top portion. A sticky navigation trend that’s becoming increasingly popular these days is a sticky navigation element that would only be seen when the user scrolls up the web page.

3. Blurred Lines Between Mobile and Desktop

Website design experts in Denver suggest the use of off-canvas navigational elements not only for mobile viewing, but also for desktop viewing. You could present this as a menu icon that could open another navigation element like a full-screen menu.

4. Offbeat Navigation

This isn’t commonly seen on standard sites since abstract or offbeat navigation isn’t that intuitive for all users. For instance, using icons only for links, putting navigational elements in unusual positions, or doing away with navigation entirely.

5. Uncommon Hover Effects

These are easy approaches for adding a zing to your site. With this trend, nothing’s impossible as developers have been and would continue pushing the limits of this trend — fresh options for buttons, links, and so much more.

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Always keep users in mind. Develop navigational elements and provide flow that would allow users a direct and simple route to what they’re looking for. If you do decide to follow all these trends or just some of them, make certain that it will help users know their way around the website.