Branded: How Marketing Tactics Shape Your Advertisements

Published on August 18, 2017

Marketing collaboration with the employeesNo business comes around just to present a product without giving it something unique. They need to offer something people will want to buy, according to experts from advertising agency in Canberra Voodoo Creative. Big names in different industries even go as far as coming up with something different. It could be a series or a universe where their creations will co-exist and boost each other’s sales.

The Marvel Effect

What if Iron Man did not meet the rest of the Avengers? What if Marvel’s Cinematic Universe did not succeed? DC would not have expanded its own characters into the cinematic universe. Netflix would probably not have shown interest in Millarworld. But the truth is, the formula works. People love the interconnectedness of the cinemas (and TV series, in the case of Marvel) just as they like their Prada shoes to come in the same colour as their Prada handbag.

This interconnectedness, or consistency, is what makes branding work in the first place. When you have a voice, and it rings throughout your web copy, press releases, blog posts, YouTube videos and advertisements, customers have a better chance of associating you with a particular theme or feeling. And if they like that sense, they’re all yours.

Branded Works Best

This is not to say that only the big players can succeed. You can get a slice of the profit pie if you play your cards wisely. That means being in the position where you can reach your audience better. Take Armani and Fendi, for example. They already have established names. They do not need to venture into the residential real estate market. It does not offer profits as much as they currently enjoy. Yet there they are, working with developers of luxury apartments and offering their products (and more importantly, their brand) to their clientele.

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The lesson here is simple: go where your clients are. Offer them something more to enrich their lifestyle. It’s the brand loyalty that you are counting on. But to get there, you want to be visible through digital marketing first.