3 Things SEO Experts Won’t Tell You for Free

Published on February 11, 2017

Digital Marketing in Calgary

If you have a website, chances are people already told you that you need an SEO expert to improve your site’s competitiveness and ranking in the virtual world. If you’ve been doing your research about the battle for customers online, you’ve probably come across the role of search engine optimization and thought of how getting an SEO expert can help you generate more customers online. Here are some facts SEO experts won’t tell you for free.

SEO is not an exact science. Rather, it’s an evolving art. This means that what works now for SEO might not work in the years to come. SEO is an evolving art and experts continue to learn and relearn ways on how to drive search results to your advantage. This also explains why it pays to have an SEO expert on your team. This means that you don’t need to spend time learning tricks that require further learning and more investment in the long run. Better leave it to the experts.

You might need more than one SEO expert. With your competitors doing the same, the battle for lead generation is so much more intense. While SEO has several basic rules, the rules keep on evolving, and the players keep on learning and doing new tricks. Top brands don’t just have one SEO expert, apart from their in-house team, many, if not all, also have external SEO experts like Parxavenue working their magic to boost search engine rankings. The magic is not the result of just one person doing the work. It’s a collective effort.

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Going viral has more to do with luck than algorithms. You’ve probably heard many people talk about using SEO tricks to make a marketing campaign go viral. The majority of the factors that lead to a post going viral has more to do with luck and timing than actual algorithms. Sometimes, even the most thought out marketing campaign with an army of SEO and digital marketing experts can’t make a campaign go viral. While there is some content posted by a single person that can go viral overnight.

Hiring An SEO Expert

When hiring an SEO expert in Calgary, don’t just look for someone who pretends to know the science behind the game. Look for someone who knows about your industry and has a strong inclination for continuous learning. SEO is an evolving art form in the digital world. You will need someone who is not afraid to unlearn to gain more knowledge.