Your Quick Guide to Making Your Production Meetings Work

Published on August 30, 2017

Production meeting with the employeesWhether it is a corporate video or a TV commercial, it is important that you conduct a production meeting. Such meetings will help your brand save money and prevent costly mistakes or disasters. This is also where you complete the final touches on the script, storyboard, or any element.

This gathering also provides the brand, the ad agency, and the production company with an opportunity to create contingency plans and finalize costs and the legal agreement. Planning a production meeting should be productive. Otherwise, why have a meeting in the first place?

Below are just some of the tips that will help you make such meetings truly productive.

The Timings

The agreed calendar should go through discussion thoroughly at the meeting. Industry leader Red Rider Creative suggests at this point, the marketing agency in Provo, production house, and the talent should all agree on the timeline of the project.

The schedule should cover the following: the shoot, offline editing, online editing, and release date.

The Matters

There will be things that you should talk about at the meeting. You can finalize the scenes here. The director will recommend visual pegs, and the casting director will provide talent options. The director may even provide a treatment based on the script of the commercial or video material.

If there are already talents, you can have them read lines, so you will see if they suit the role.

The Meet-up

You also have to make sure that everyone involved in the project will meet here, including the director, the talent, production coordinators, production designers, and at times, the editor. The story or flow of the project should undergo discussion by everyone working on the project.

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These are only some of the things to keep in mind if you want to make your before production meetings productive. Send out invites two weeks before the meeting to make sure that everyone can attend.