Ways to Improve Your PPC Marketing Efforts

Published on December 1, 2017

Man doing PPC on his laptopThe success of an SEO campaign depends on keywords. The choice of your keywords determines how fast you rank on Google or if you rank at all. You can leverage the performance of your keywords through PPC advertising.

Combining your PPC and SEO efforts gives you extra exposure on search engine result pages. None of the SEO services in Neptune, New Jersey, are complete without PPC. With the increased use of ad blocking, however, you need to ensure your PPC advertising budget is not going down the drain. Here are some tips to maximize your ROI for PPC advertising.

Track everything

PPC advertising allows you to keep track of which ads and keywords are generating the best results. It is crucial for you to track everything right from the start of your campaign. Ensure you continuously analyze the data with your SEO services provider. The constant analysis will help you adjust your ads accordingly and improve your rank.

Enhance your landing page

The quality score used by Google is a numeric value ranging from 1 to 10 assigned to each of your campaign keywords. Google rewards advertisers who have high-quality ads and those that direct their online traffic to appropriate landing pages. By optimizing your landing page, therefore, you improve your quality score. Your ad will hence be shown more repeatedly, and you will pay a lower cost per click.

Use ad extensions and site links

Use of ad extensions and site links allows you to add a call to action on your ads. It also provides a platform to give your users additional choices to lure them. Ad extensions and site links attract your traffic and increase the clicks on your ads hence improving your rating dramatically.

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PPC advertising is a long-term marketing campaign. You might initially need a substantial budget to evaluate your winning formula. Once you have the winning formula, however, PPC advertising will grow your ROI at a staggering rate.