Top 3 Marketing Problems in 2017 — And How to Solve Them

Published on October 10, 2017

Man looking at the ROI informationWith whatever kind of problem you face in marketing your products and services, you can find a fitting solution. The first step to tackling any challenge is identifying the problem. Only then can you look for a remedy. In 2017, marketers point out various challenges. Discover what the big challenges are, and how you can solve them.

Traffic and Leads Generation

The challenge: This seems to be the biggest challenge for most marketers, according to a report by State of Inbound. Content marketing is becoming more difficult with more publishing avenues on the rise.

As a marketer, you can counter the challenge of traffic and lead generation in two ways. One is to create quality, shareable content that people can pay for. Internet readers want short chunks of content they can scan and digest, in a short time.

Another thing you can do is ask yourself whether you provide the type of content that your audience needs. According to recent research by Hubspot, only 29% of consumers like seeing blog posts. To capture their attention, you need to provide relevant content that scratches where they itch. Apart from that, it pays to invest in marketing automation services.

Measuring ROI

Tracking the return on investment (ROI) of every marketing activity is not easy, making it the second biggest problem for marketers in 2017. It requires effective, two-way coordination between the marketing activities and the sales reports.

Dedicate time and resources to establishing a seamless link between marketing activities and sales reports. Utilize marketing software and CRM management tools.

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Managing Website

With billions of websites across the worldwide web, having one that stands out is a big challenge for most marketers.

Invest in website design and SEO services to improve your website performance.

Online marketing has taken over the world of businesses, and it is here to stay. Make sure you don’t get left behind. Make the most out of the digital revolution lest you drown in the competition.