Here’s How You Become Competitive with Local Search

Published on June 30, 2017

Local SEO on a laptopAre you trying to make a mark on the local market? In today’s digital marketing world, you’ll need a specific approach to find a loyal consumer base that will always choose your brand. To do so, companies must focus on local search.

Experts on local SEO service from Boston, MA cites the following tactics that allow you to improve your search engine optimization locally:

Meta and Title Tags are Still Important

These two tags are HTML components that owners can customize to represent and discuss some of the content on their pages. This can serve as a mini advertisement whenever potential customers make a query on Google. This can make or break your website, as it is one of the first things that someone sees when it shows up on results pages.

Google has expanded the acceptable character count for the title and description — the former can now be around 60 characters long, while the later is up to 200. Use this space appropriately and expect to get more clicks.

Leverage Citations and Online Directories

One of the mistakes of small businesses is they don’t list their stores online. Failing to do so makes it difficult for potential customers to find you. Identify useful local online directories and use those for listings. The information you provide must be consistent. The same brand name, addresses, and contact information must be similar to make it easier for your audience to find you.

Claim Your My Business on Google

One of the simplest, but most effective ways to improve your local search result is to claim your ‘My Business’ on Google. Some small businesses overlook doing so, making it easy to find your store. Go through the verification process and fill in the necessary details. The next step is to optimize it so that it appears for the keywords you want.

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These are some of the strategies you can implement to land on local search pages. Doing so allows you to reach your intended audience effectively.