A Small Business’s Guide to Local Marketing

Published on September 5, 2017

Man pointing to the SEO informationIn Denver, you have access to almost everything you need: good food, great tourist destinations, and great work opportunities. For a business owner, this means having a lot of competition and doing your best to not be trampled by the flock.

But how does a small business compete with everyone? Search engine optimization or SEO is a good strategy, as it helps businesses leverage online search and improve their popularity. Here’s what your local SEO campaign in Denver should focus on:

Customer Pain Points

When customers look for a product or service, they’re not just looking for something random because they fancy it. They have a need, and you must address that by showing them how you can make their lives easier. Target the areas that are difficult for them right now and highlight how your product can change their current situation.

Unique Value Proposition

There may be several businesses offering the same product or service as you, but you still have your identity. Find something that sets you apart, such as great service, a special ingredient (even if it’s a secret), or a unique way of serving your customers. Before they consider your brand, customers would want to look at all their options. If they don’t see anything special about you, they will go somewhere else and do business with a brand that seems more capable of addressing their unique needs.


Local SEO is all about building up your profile for local customers to find you easier. Who doesn’t want discounts? Highlighting your promotions and limited-time offers on social media can drive a decent amount of traffic to your website. You can also start a contest where followers are required to share your links or talk about your brand to win a prize. It’s important to set up these promotions properly and advertise their existence to get the best results.

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Being a small business is not a hindrance. With local SEO, you level the playing field and create opportunities to succeed in your industry.