Writing a Book? Here Are Things You Need to Know

Published on April 7, 2017

Woman Writing on a Small NotebookWriting a book is not easy. It takes more than just a command of the language but also sleepless nights, dedication and discipline. However, writing the book is actually the easiest part, selling it is the hardest.

If you are on your way to selling your book, here are some things you need to know.

How you earn from selling books

You receive royalties for each book sold. Both the writer and the publisher agree on the royalty percentage based on the fixed unit cost of your book. To help you keep track, you avail of royalty payments accounting services, a type of support that monitors how much you get.

This is beneficial for authors who have more than just one published book.

How you publish your book

Before you even think of royalties, publish your book first. There are more options for people to get their books out. Normally, you wait for a publishing company to publish your book. The process of waiting can be long and painful, and disappointing. Or you can just get a book grant.

These days, the rise of self-publishing has given authors a new way to get their books out without the help of publishing companies. As the name suggests, self-publishing means you pay all the expenses involved in producing printed copies of your book — from the editing to layout, to printing and distribution.

Traditional vs. self-publishing

There are many pros and cons to both types of publishing. Working with an esteemed publishing company allows you to make use of their existing following and marketing schemes and reach.

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With self-publishing, you are on your own, but you also get to decide on the market price, discount deals, partnerships and other collaborations.

Since you are not working with a publishing company, you also get to earn a bigger chunk of the money pie after deducting the expenses involved in the production.

Writing books is a lucrative venture for creative people. The vast amount of new tools and technological advances also make it easier for people to get their stories out into the world. If you are planning to take on this creative path, consider these thoughts to help you decide the best course to take.