Ways to Connect Your Online and In-Store Marketing Efforts

Published on February 6, 2017

Online IntegrationmMore and more businesses are turning to online marketing to reach their audiences. However, winning in that platform is only half the battle. You must find ways to deliver first-rate services, whether it’s online or in-store. An expert on in-store marketing software cites the following ways to integrate both and improve your conversion rate.

Define the Boundaries

You must discuss three connection areas with your team, these are site-to-store, store-to-site and in-store. This approach may seem contradictory to integration; however, discussing the definition of boundaries allows you to identify areas that need improvement and which ones should be atop the priority list. There may be technology that connects your store to your site, but this doesn’t make it automatically your first choice. Exploring other alternatives such as integrating a customer in-store to content found online is one way to engage them and improve conversion rates.

Put Data in its Proper Context

Big data is the big thing in marketing; however, marketers must strive to see people as more than just numbers or disparate data points. To connect in-store and online campaigns, and provide a memorable omnichannel experience, you need to have full and single views of your audience and their needs and wants. It’s not enough to have the numbers, you need to identify unique behavioral patterns, quirks and the connection between one set of data to another.

People Power

The one that makes the first impression and directly communicates with your brand are in-store associates. They can either help improve sales or drive people out, never to return. The people in your stores must have the tools and get the training they need to create a pleasant experience for potential customers.

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Connecting your online and in-store efforts is an effective strategy that improves omnichannel experiences of your customers. The mentioned strategies provide you with a blueprint of how you can attract more customers and convert at a higher rate.