Four Amazing Modern Buildings in New York

Published on January 6, 2017

New York Conquering New York’s city scene and skyline is not an easy feat. It is competitive and critical. It requires ingenuity, talent, and vision. But, with the right team of New York landscape architects – like MPFP – you can make it happen.
You can also take inspiration from four of the newest and most amazing urban functional works of art in New York:

1. Seagram Building

A 515-foot combination of dark and bronze glasses highlights the 38-story Seagram Building. Found on the bustling Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, it also features two grand fountains outdoors and an easement of 100 feet, making it different among other modern towers built near plot lines.

2. New Museum of Contemporary Art

Not to be confused with the Museum of Modern Art, the New Museum of Contemporary Art in Bowery takes a cue from its surrounding buildings by adopting cubes and boxes. But, it also tries to be unique by “stacking” these boxes haphazardly. In turn, the museum, which houses one of the most extensive contemporary art collections in the world, is a standout.

3. The Standard

Found in the Meatpacking District, the Standard High Line is a modern boutique hotel that features an imposing entrance and lobby and sections dedicated to expensive artworks. The 18-story accommodation is modern but adapts the district’s grittiness so it achieves harmony with the 19th-century buildings of the area.

4. 100 11th Avenue

Inspired by the history, culture, and existing architecture of Manhattan, the residential building 100 11th Avenue is grand, sleek, and industrial. It showcases a curved design with hundreds of windowpanes of varying sizes and heights.
These four buildings have one thing in common: respect for the history and culture that define New York. Then they added new or modified present elements to create harmony with the nearby buildings while making their own different and eye catching. Follow the same idea, and your building has the potential to be NY’s icon.