For More Exposure: Participating in Trade Shows

Published on February 20, 2018

people talking about business strategiesThere are many ways to increase brand recognition, and advertising is one of them. If you want your efforts to be direct and experiential, you should consider joining trade shows. Trade shows bring in many results; you can demonstrate your products or service and sell them directly. One of the biggest benefits of such programs is that it allows you to find leads that you can turn into partners.

Maximizing trade shows is something that you should prepare for. If you are planning to attend one sooner, here are some pointers to keep in mind, as given by Vonazon and other leading providers of marketing support services.

Make your booth appealing

Your booth is technically your store in the trade show. Like how you maintain your brick and mortar store, you should make your booth appealing. What you can do is make it appealing by designing the way a visual merchandising will do it. You may also flash the demonstration videos and AVP of your brand to catch everyone’s attention.

Encourage sampling

Your product may be appealing, but experience will always trump over looks. If you are selling food products and gadgets, you may encourage sampling to make your marketing experiential. While you are conducting sampling, you may want to explain things about your product and say your marketing spiel.

Go digital

Digital executions and methods can be integrated into your activities to foster engagement and participation among your audiences. For one, you can have a raffle promo where you will pick from the guests who took a picture with your booth, sample your products, like your social media pages, and use your official hashtag.

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When it comes to trade show marketing, you should always capitalize on engagement. Engaging prospects can encourage brand connection, which in turn may turn them into buying customers.