Electronic Gifts: USB Drives Make Great Promotional Items for Your Business

Published on July 11, 2016

USB DriveWhen it comes to advertising for your business, you want something that stands out completely from your competitors. You want something that is attractive and eye catching, with a very small chance of being tossed out with the trash.

It is one of the reasons promotional products are so popular with businesses: unlike flyers and posters, they are not disposable. They are meant to be used and displayed, giving your business the maximum amount of exposure for the price. You can say that it is a cost-effective way to advertise and raise awareness for your brand. But what products see the most amount of use among your customers?

The Usefulness of USB Drives

USB drives or universal serial bus, are quickly becoming one of the most popular promotional products, and with good reason: USB drives are functional and useful. With the extent of modern computer usage, it is something that everyone can use.

Since USBs are small, it is admittedly rather easy to misplace them. Luckily, there are ways for you to increase its visibility even further. A popular option is to attach lanyards to your drives. You can also attach them to wristbands, if you want something a little smaller.

USB drives are tiny storage devices for data. You can keep anything from pictures, videos, text, and other multimedia files on it. In the past, these storage devices were expensive, but they eventually became cheaper as the technology evolved.

As the price went down, it became easier to have them personalised with your own print or design. You roughly have the space of a thumb to add anything you want – your brand emblazoned on the surface is the most common design when using them for advertising purposes.

Customised USBPersonalised Electronic Gifts

USB drives are small and portable, which makes them ideal for promoting your business. They can act like miniature business cards and display your company name as well as your contact details.

More than just the visual effect however, is what you can put inside it: USB drives, depending on their storage capacity, can hold pretty much anything. You can utilise the USB’s storage capacity to further promote your business once someone inserts it into device. It makes a great electronic gift.

For example, a music company can provide samples of their music on the USB for the listening pleasure of the customer. You can also add multimedia files like videos, pictures, and the like. You can add your entire product catalogue or even an interactive advertisement. It gives you a great opportunity to introduce your company to your client.

Further Increasing Your Visibility

The great thing about lanyards and wristbands is that you can likewise personalise it with your custom designs. They act as promotional items all by themselves, but they work doubly well when attached to a USB drive. The complement each other because people are less likely to lose the drive if it is attached to a strap.

Known brands, like Dynamic Gift, offer a large selection of USB drives available in different styles, and are printed them in varying colours and designs. Make sure to hire experienced companies for your promotional products so you will have more choices in terms of materials and styles. Because while they are common items, you still need to stand out to increase your brand visibility.