Content Marketing or PR Marketing? Why Your Business Needs Both

Published on February 12, 2017

press release marketingIn today’s world where anyone can create content, how can PR be relevant anymore? Actually, in such a world where content can come from various sources, PR marketing becomes even more important. Without the latter, content—including great content—would remain stagnant and of little use or benefit to any business. However, do remember that it goes both ways. Even the best PR marketing can fail when content fails to deliver.

Content vs. PR marketing

Before delving into why one needs the other, take a look at their definitions first. Content is about creating a story for your brand. You connect with your clients through content. As more and more means of content creation come into play—blogs, SNS, communities, etc.—the more it is important that you make your content visible.

This is where PR comes into play. Knowing how to present your content in a way that would appeal to people and make them notice is where the strength of PR marketing lies. This is why you don’t just need a good content creator; you also need a good PR agency in Melbourne that will strategize how to actually use and manipulate content to your advantage.

Content and PR marketing

As a business, you want people to know about what it is you offer. This is where both content and PR marketing comes in—creating great content that shows off what your business can do, and having the strategy to reach out to the right people.

By having ready-made stories about your brand and placing them in the hands of influencers, your business will be able to get the boost that it needs. That is also the reason why you don’t need to choose one over the other. What any business owner needs to understand is that content and PR actually goes together; a marketing plan that makes use of both their strengths will be significant.