Three Most Exciting SEO Predictions for 2017

Published on March 31, 2017

SEO PractitionerEver since it was first introduced, SEO has indeed come a long way. Today, many businesses are heavily dependent on this process as an essential step towards the success, visibility, and reputation of their brand online.

In a study conducted last year, it is said that almost 85% of companies in the US alone invest on digital marketing efforts such as social media, pay-per-click, SEO, and etc. This only proves that businesses are now becoming more digitised. However, with its increase in popularity, search engines like Google have become smarter due to last year's wave after wave algorithm updates. According to Improve My Search, although it is quite impossible to exactly predict what comes next after the other, many SEO experts in London have somewhat foresee where the process could be possibly be heading.

To find out some of their predictions, be sure you pay extra attention to what's written below.

Mobile-Friendly Update

Last year, it is said that mobile searches have already surpassed the amount of searches on desktop. With this, Google has taken an action to improve user's experience as they choose to browse and search through their mobile devices. As a proof, Google has recently released further updates on mobile-friendliness of a site. Basically, this update prompts businesses to focus on optimising their mobile websites the same way they pay attention to the desktop version. Many SEO practitioners are foreseeing that this is just the start of a more mobile-focused SEO optimisation.

Content Is Still the Key

Content has and will always be the most essential ranking factor in SEO. This is why people can expect that content marketing will remain on top of the competition. As mentioned earlier, Google and other search engines have become smarter. Meaning they have become more sensitive on data and information you put into your website. If the content didn't meet the standard they've set, then you'll find it harder to make it relevant and rank higher.

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Users Will Be More Powerful

To SEO, nothing is more important than user experience. This means you'll likely to please search engines more particularly Google, if your site is fully optimised. Now, how will you do that? Simple, just make it easy-to-navigate, faster page load, good website structure, and just literally consider all factors to enhance the browsing experience of users.

Although there’s no telling whether these predictions may took place, what you should remember is to always put user experience on top of everything. If you look closely on the following predictions, they heavily rely on the behaviour of people when they look and search for something.