When Business is Slow, There’s Internet Marketing

Published on June 27, 2018

digital marketers workingPrint media is the traditional way to advertise a business, but in the age of the internet, it is no longer the most popular way. Now that people view the internet on their smartphones and tablets while commuting, on the lunch break, they want access to news and products on demand. 61% of the surveyed population now get their information online.

Online marketing solutions include:

Online Advertisements

Potential customers are led to commercial websites via online advertisements. Banner advertisements on Google and other search engines entice people to products that might interest them.

Pay Per Click

One type of banner advert is pay per click. Pay per click pays the host website a fee every time a potential customer clicks on the advertisement. Even if they don’t purchase the product or make a booking, the business owner gets paid.

Email Marketing

An email marketing programme is the sending of automated commercial emails to lists of previous customers and potential customers. Consumers are more likely to look at an email with a product that interests them than a leaflet they may view as ‘junk mail’. Emails that contain coupon codes also increase business as they offer the consumer a discount. In a good email marketing campaign, approximately 25% of emails will be viewed.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

There’s no point having a great company website if nobody can find it. To make sure customers can find the site, search engine optimisation SEO uses the keywords that consumers use to search the internet to make the site more visible. Sites with good SEO that are mobile friendly appear higher up on Google’s search engine pages. The sites listed on the first page of search results get most of the clicks.

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Internet marketing is the latest way to promote a business and gets more results than print ads, helping companies get the returns they need.