What You Should Know Before Hiring A Marketing Agency

Published on June 4, 2018

marketing team in a conference roomMost companies turn to third-party service providers such as an industrial marketing agency like New Perspective to save on costs, yet there are other factors to consider before you choose the best agency for your business.

Be wary of those who proclaim to be experts in their chosen field, if you can’t find available information to support their claims. Likewise, an agency with individual awards and recognitions may cost more than another company that just started with their business.

Decision-Making Process

When you have already verified the background of a particular agency, it’s time to find out how much they plan to charge you for the scope of the contract. The usual service agreement lasts between six and 12 months. Smaller contracts typically involve a flat rate despite the number of hours rendered, although paying by the hour is the simplest way to pay an agency.

Some service providers may also require you to provide a 30-day notice before terminating a deal, which is otherwise known as the out clause. It would also be wise to pick an agency that has experience in mobile marketing since this will be a bigger trend in the near future.

Mobile Campaigns

By 2019, mobile marketing will represent more than 70% of all digital advertising spending. There’s a high chance that your competitors are already planning their mobile strategies, such as optimizing their website for smartphone use.

Mobile-optimized websites are particularly important since more people use their phones to access the Internet, as opposed to using desktops or laptops. Your website will also have a higher rank in Google search results than websites that are not optimized for mobile phones.

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Cost should not be your sole reason for choosing or rejecting an agency since many service providers offer competitive rates. Instead, your decision to hire a company should be based on how it would benefit your business in the long-term.