Strategies on Using Social Media for Website Link Building

Published on May 22, 2018

Social mediaThere are many strategies for boosting your site’s search engine optimization (SEO) rank. Few, however, beat the power of inbound links. These links increase your SEO performance and brand exposure. Inbound links also generate a high amount of online traffic.

One of the ways Utah companies can build valuable inbound links for SEO is by using their social media pages. This strategy is not entirely new but is quite underutilized, yet it is one of the cheapest ways to gain quality inbound links.

Here are a few practical strategies you can use to get links to your web page through social media.

Increase your social engagement

Social shares do not influence your SEO rankings directly. They, however, increase your online traffic, which in turn generates engagement online.

The increased traffic is what search engines care about. The increased online mentions, blog comments, and enhanced site activity work together to improve your SEO position indirectly.

Work with prominent niche bloggers

Guest blogging for other sites in your business sector is a great way to direct visitors to your site. Posting on other niche blogs helps you build profitable relationships and introduces you to new markets. For successful guest blogging, ensure you blog for the main influential voices in your industry.

Solve your clients’ problems

People look for solutions to everyday issues online. Tailor your content to how-to posts for you to position yourself as the go-to solution for what the client needs.

How-to content will set you apart from your competitors as an industry expert. With increased shares, your brand gains an online dominance hence boosting your overall SEO rank.

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The benefits of high-quality inbound social media links go beyond boosting your SEO rank. They provide a long-term reference for future clients and drive digital traffic to your site for years to come. It takes some time to feel the impact of social media link building. The ROI, however, make it worth the wait.