Still Got No Online Presence? Your Business is Suffering

Published on July 31, 2018

online presence concepts hovering over laptopsThere’s much to be desired from a business operating from a brick and mortar store without any significant online presence. It’s simply not enough to ignore the demand of your online and mobile audience if you want to stay afloat. Ignoring the call is counter-productive to your business goals.

With that said, you should look into mobile as your main source of clients, and here’s why:

Google Goes ‘Mobile-First’

Any SEO consultant in Melbourne will tell you your site needs to be mobile-friendly, as the majority of your clients will be using a mobile device. If you haven’t even gone that far and have continued to ignore the high-volume search terms you could have been getting traffic from, you’ll be shocked to know that mobile isn’t just an option these days. Google now considers it the priority. So go ahead and build your fast and responsive mobile site, and then set up the desktop site to cover your bases.

Shareability Matters

Social media plays an important role in people’s lives, and businesses use this to their advantage. When a person sees a post they like, they want it to be easily shareable with their friend group. That increases the reach of your business—if you have your social media accounts set up and ready to go. And while you’re at it, check that all the information you put on those accounts match each other and are accurate.

Customers Want Responsive Businesses

It’s not just your website that has to be responsive. Your staff also needs to address concerns and deliver services promptly. Imagine doing this without a website or dedicated accounts where customers can contact you outside office hours. They will have to wait for your store to open, and then greet you with a complaint that may have been stewing on their mind since last night.

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You are leagues behind if you refuse to set up a website for your brand. Any wise business owner would realise this is a step back from their goals, so go ahead and correct this oversight.