SEO: The Various Kinds of Keyword Matches

Published on May 26, 2018

SEO blocksKeywords form the heart of your online campaign. They are the fundamental part of a campaign’s text-based adverts and also comprise a significant portion of your landing pages and company website. Your rank on search engines is primarily influenced by the relevance of your keywords to your campaign.

An SEO expert in Salt Lake City will suggest using a range of keyword match types. The ideal keyword match choice depends on the overall objective of your marketing campaign. Here are some of the keyword matches you can use to boost your SEO rank.

Broad Match Keywords

These are intended to reach a broad audience because they are non-specific. These are the keywords most people use online. Broad match keywords rank you faster on search engines since the engines also search for misspellings and relevant variations. They, however, attract a significant number of random visitors to your site and might harm your site’s quality score.

Exact Match Keywords

For any visitor to stumble on your page with exact match keywords, his/her inquiry has to match your keyword precisely. You will attract a less number of visitors compared to a site using broad match keywords. With exact match keywords, however, the rate of conversion is high since you only get qualified leads.

Phrase Match Keywords

These are more focused compared to broad match keywords but less specific than exact keywords. They give you great flexibility in the visitors who access your site. With phrase match keywords, you have a high number of site visitors who are easy to turn into paying clients.

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Now that you know what each keyword match achieves, it is easier to choose the best one for your marketing strategy. Different online tools can aid you in selecting the ideal keyword for your campaign for the above match types. Your SEO expert will advise you on the best way to organize them to achieve your desired rank.