Outdated Websites Need an Update

Published on July 11, 2018

A Graph of Website TrafficYou already have a website. You think you’re ahead of your competition because you’ve had it up for a while. But when did you last update it? A website is not something you set up and leave to stagnate, thinking Google will index it and move along.

These aspects of your website should be updated regularly:

Resource-intensive Elements

The loading speed has become more and more important as attention spans keep getting shorter. You may have had your website designed a decade ago, and it was manageable back then, but now it might be clunky, and some of the elements may have changed due to changing HTML standards. Web design services in Minnesota range from updating your website to be mobile-friendly to checking that it complies with the standards, so go ahead and contact designers to help save your old website.

Business Information

Lucky are companies that can stay in their original location and thrive. But most companies have to relocate at some point, whether it’s to accommodate more customers or to find a better area that fit their target demographic. With every change in office address, your website should be updated. You should also update all other listings online, such as Yelp and Google My Business. This protects your business from other entities pretending to be you, and it gives customers accurate information that avoids confusion when contacting you.

Products and Services

As your company grows, you will want to update your products or services. Whether you’re aiming to market them as classic solutions or you want to rebrand, you need to update your pages. Yes, there is merit to having older posts, but updating them also doesn’t hurt your website in Google’s eyes. After all, fresh content is what keeps websites thriving.

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You know how important a website is. That’s why you set it up early in the first place. Use it to the fullest by checking and updating information whenever necessary.