Different Forms of Digital Paid Search Advertisements

Published on October 12, 2018

Word: PPC Flashed on Laptop ScreenOnline advertising is currently one of the best platforms for startups. In most cases, unfortunately, most of these platforms are not as effective for small businesses and little-known brands. One of the best strategies to invest in is paid search.

Paid search marketing gets you to the top of search engine results faster than most platforms and helps you build your reputation and brand identity more quickly.

There are various platforms in paid search marketing. Before settling on one, get an SEO expert from Denver or other locations to assess your business’s objectives and strategies. They can advise you on the best ways to reach your goals. Here are a few platforms you can use for your company’s paid search marketing:

Search Engine Text Ads

Google AdWords is the most popular search engine text ad platform today. On this platform, your Google ads will be placed on a website’s right panel or the top of SERPs based on how much you pay. Search engine text ads are easy to track and measure and can be targeted at different times or locations.

Product Listing Ads

On this platform, you will display your product according to its promotional message, image, title, cost, and your company name. The ad appears on search networking and Google shopping sites. Product listing ads are cheaper compared to search engine text ads but have lower click-through rates and conversions.


The leading platforms used in remarketing are traditional display and native ads. They target clients who visited your site then left without making a transaction. Remarketing boosts your chances of closing a deal and your brand recognition by increasing your online visibility.

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If our budget permits, you can invest in all of these platforms rather than settle for just one. Your ROI primarily depends on the SEO company you work with. You should, therefore, ensure that you sift through your options diligently and base your choice on expertise rather than cost.