Build A Formidable Online Presence

Published on October 14, 2018

Laptop with online presence conceptMeeting the needs of your target audience remains the best way to create a formidable online presence for your business, explains a Utah SEO consultant at SEO Werkz. As search engines evolve, they tend to use feedback mechanisms to determine the value of a piece of content.

In other words, the search engines will go beyond the content of a page to examine how the readers interact with it. High interaction levels signal high-quality content, and this boosts your ranking on the search engine results.

Understand Your Target Market

Unless you’re running an entertainment or informational site, you can’t afford to target a broad audience. Remember that your website is a business tool to help you grow your business. As such, you need to narrow down your scope to the people most likely to need and buy your products or services. To this end, you need to create a detailed buyer persona.

Only then can you understand their needs, struggles, and pains. A buyer persona offers insights into the lives of your target readers, and this informs your content strategy. You want to populate your site with valuable content that helps your audience solve a pressing problem or improve their knowledge.

Create Long-Form Content

As part of its search quality guidelines, Google indicates that the amount of content on a page is essential for the value it provides to the user. Long form content will not only boost your site’s ranking but also help to build authority. It helps you to address a topic comprehensively, which is a hallmark of subject authority.

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Again, it lets you target a myriad of keywords, which goes a long way in increasing your online visibility. Such content also proves valuable to other websites owners, prompting them to link to your site. A high number of backlinks cement your position as an authority. People will readily buy products or retain the services of a brand they hold in high esteem.

With the correct approach, you can create a formidable online presence for your business. Adopting a proper content strategy helps you connect with your readers and improve your site’s ranking position.