4 Ways to Improve Your E-commerce Website

Published on August 22, 2018

a man holding his cellphoneWith all the competition out there, it can be challenging to grow your e-commerce shop. According to recent reports, e-commerce has increased significantly, especially this year. Data shows that it is growing 24% annually for the past five years. Experts mentioned that more than 50% of Americans now prefer shopping online than going to physical stores. While the market for e-commerce is getting bigger, so is the competition. Here are some e-commerce website design tips to help your site gain more traffic:

TIP #1: Visual Hierarchy

This refers to the layout of a website’s overall design and content. It should be properly aligned based on the importance and function of each element. You can do this by mapping out certain cues, including size, color, positioning, and perspective to create a better user experience.

Evaluate your consumers and rearrange your products based on their needs or wants. Simplicity is the main key here. As much as possible, make the website functional and easy-to-use.

TIP #2: Call-to-Action Buttons

You need to come up with creative and catchy call-to-action buttons to attract more buyers. One way to do this is to use bright colors or bolded text. Consider having multiple buttons on every page so shoppers can see them right away.

TIP #3: Trust Badges

Privacy and security are among the main concerns of every online shopper. Putting up some trust seals and badges will make them more confident to make transactions. In addition, you may leave a review column so they can learn more about the experience of other customers.

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TIP #4: Product Filters

This is a must-have feature for every e-commerce website. Keep in mind that you’re posting thousands of products every day. Make it easier for your customers to find the products they need by allowing them to use filters.

Following these tips should help you achieve success. You may also consider implementing Search Engine Optimization or SEO to boost your website’s traffic and search ranking.