4 Effective Tools for Digital Marketing in Health Care

Published on September 12, 2018

Digital marketing in a sphereFor a long time, people did not consider marketing necessary in growing the health care practice. Things have since changed, and medical professionals are competing for the same clients. The need to get patients where they are makes it necessary to get more exposure online.

Digital marketing expert creatitive.com states this is only possible if they navigate the digital space in a manner that attracts and retains clients. Here are different tools to employ for effective digital health marketing.


Your website is where patients get the first impression regarding your facility. Research shows that 44 percent of patients who research hospitals schedule an appointment. To increase your chances of conversion, your website should focus on patients, and be easy to navigate and use.

Allow users to navigate the site easily by viewing resources, creating patient accounts, booking appointments and contacting your institution right from the homepage.

Search Engine Optimization

A website that meets the set-out requirements is not enough. The visibility of the information found in it is paramount. This is where search engine optimization comes in. It allows you to increase organic traffic to your website by centering your content on specific high-value keywords.

This allows patients to find you on the search engine results page once they enter related queries.

Resource Videos

Videos are a strong online marketing tool. An appropriate story structure, lighting, and music all work together to evoke emotions that text content can’t. Use these to capture the attention of patients by having testimonials.

You could also include videos of practitioners talking about their work, describing various procedures and answering general questions.

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Social Media

Social media serves different purposes including passing information, educating, and inspiring your followers. To use the different platforms effectively, plan your posts and offer a wide range of content. Also share blog posts from your website, videos, reviews, and highlight current events in your line of practice.

Adding a call to action button on your account also goes a long way.

An effective digital marketing strategy for healthcare facilities has streamlined information across all the online marketing tools. Synchronize information across the different resources to create uniformity and build credibility.